A list of programs & shows that air on Afrocentric TV

Fresh Perspective

Hosted by Ray Shackelford and Edidiong Obot On vineyard television 15.8 Houston Texas. Having conversations that will inform and re-orientate the Africans in the Diaspora and African-Americans. The purpose of the show is to bridge the gaps in the cultural differences between Africans and African-Americans, to educate and integrate Africans in Diaspora into the American Political, Civil and Social System, with intention of encouraging participation. @freshptv

It’s Our Time

Talk Show highlights young professionals in the African Diaspora. The show aims to educate and empower the community while promoting culture and making an impact through the voice of young professionals. From video to podcasts, It’s our Time Talk Show strives to be “The Voice of Young Professionals in the African Diaspora”.


American conservatives, republicans, Democrats, and liberals are sharply divided on many issues — especially these days. And it turns out one of them is television. In fact, a study by social-media research firm Fizziology suggests there are only three major TV shows that all sides like equally. They forgot one – #Politex! That’s ok. Tune into Channel 15.8 or log into Facebook and watch the videos if you are not blessed to be in Houston.


My community show

This is the social media platform for the tv show “my community” on vineyard television, channel 15.8 Houston (terrestrial channel). It focuses on the events, issues, people and places of interest to africans living in Texas as a means of information, education and promotion.


E dey Happen o

A Nigerian creolized English for “Things Are Happening!” This crossover talk show takes an opinionated perspective of the various host to look deep into the issues we face as a people both in the diaspora and back home.


Lawujo Wa

is a Yoruba phrase for “in our midst”, The TV show hosted by Bolaji Afolabi, an articulate and seasoned broadcaster with a sparkling use of Yoruba and English features individuals in entertainment, politics, business, government and social and faith based spheres of our community.



Is a discussion program that touches on the different issues, views and the people who have firsthand information and resources to empower the African diaspora community here in Houston.



Ugwu Igbo

An Igbo talk show that focuses on the achievements, successes and the plight of one of Nigeria’s prominent tribes in the Greater Houston area. The show is also a collection of individual documentaries that project the wonderful heritage of the Igbos as a resilient people.



Moments of the Red-carpet

Lights! Camera! Action! It’s time for the paparazzi to take control of the amazing beautiful faces and costumes. So brace up on a red carpet ride with our gorgeous hosts as we capture events within our community.



On The Spot Special – onthespot15.8 @onthespotspecial



New American Immigration Today



Diaspora Spotlight – diaspora15.8 onpointvtv@gmail.c


On Point with Partick Omo-Osagie