The Afrocentrik Awards

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Awards have always been the cynosure for recognition in several organizations, industries and within our society. This is why there is so much razzmatazz, glitterati and paparazzi.

As people of African descent, especially in the diaspora, we work hard and make great impact, but less recognized. This has been the premise on which Afrocentrik Television has decided to celebrate annually, the significant contributions and outstanding influences that we bring to the cultural landscape of Texas, particularly in Houston.

With over 250,000 African Diaspora population within the Greater Houston metropolis, the impact we are making needs to reverberate nationally.

As the pinnacle of our collective impact, Afrocentrik Awards celebrates EXCELLENCE, VALUE and ACHIEVEMENT within the African Diaspora community. Hence, the appellation, “EVA.”  And so goes the leitmotif: “He won an EVA at the 2021 Afrocentrik Awards.”

This year’s theme is “Bridging The Gap.”

The event is meant to be a confluence of the African Diaspora and African-American population, as a means of recognizing the impact and diversity prevalent in our common heritage.

This premiere event will celebrate over 30 recipients with distinguished statues. It is curated into 4 categories, namely: Personalities ; Businesses ; Organizations and Education. 

Qualifying nominations for specific award categories will be between the top 5 nominees, out of which the winner will emerge.

Our nomination process will be based on community consensus. People will send in names under each specific award, and the list will be streamlined to a minimum of 5 and maximum of 7 per category. This will then lead to the final voting of a selected panel of 21 individual jurors.

The winner will only be known on Sunday 9th October, 2022 when the votes are collated from the jury votes, tallied and revealed. All nominees will receive certificates of nomination.