About us

Afrocentrik Television Houston, Texas, is a community station broadcasting on terrestrial (over-the-air) digital channel 27.9 with contents focusing on the African diaspora population in the United States and the goal of broadcasting quality programs that promote, celebrate and educate the teeming African viewers in America. Afrocentrik TV is a family oriented TV channel with signal currently reaching over 5 million households within the Greater Houston Metropolitan area and nearby cities. Our social media platforms (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) however, help extend the view globally.


Our reach

As a community inclined station, with target major markets consisting of the African diaspora population, Caribbean and African-Americans, Afrocentrik Television has been the number one station shining positive lights on the African image and cultures, giving value, voice and visibility to our communities in the United States.

Our afrocentricity has earned us the unique position of promoting and bridging the gap between the African continent the Diaspora population in the United States.